The First Strike Gaming Society is a group of Gamers in Springfield, IL, dedicated to the advancement of games of many kinds, with a focus on Table Top Gaming.

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Next Game Day: 12/19/09

Current Games
Scarred Lands (4E – Scarred Lands Setting )

Points of Light (4E – Points of Light Setting )

World of Darkness (NWODSouth Dakota )

The World since the fall of Nerath has not been a nice place. A thousand kingdoms have sprung up in its wake. The enemies of the Alliance races – the Gnolls, the Goblins, and worse things – live and breed and kill a mere stone’s throw from any number of once peaceful towns. Even along the Nerathi trade roads, bandits and thieves lurk. But, still, there is hope…

The Company: NPC Party Members:
* Krecklore – Dragonborn Warlord Half-Elf Guide – Aiden
* Kenpachi – Genasi Avenger Human Bard – Chris Trueheart
* Kat-Ri – Shadar-Kai Swordmage Dwarven Fighter – Granite Warhammer
* Logain – Gnoll Barbarian Elven Druid – Birel Willowspine
* Rook – Gnoll Fighter Goliath Monk – Mavaki
* Lucius – Tiefling Sorcerer

Map still in progress. Click for Larger Version.

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