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On Arrival in Svaro

(Bad news, guys. Thanks to my stupid brain, I misread my schedule. No game 6/6 or 6/13. I thought I worked 4-11… Which I do, but it’s PM instead of AM. Oops. Well, here’s Chris Trueheart’s version of the game so far.)

The company’s return to Svaro goes, mostly, unremarked by the people therein. A cry comes up from the tavern shortly after you pass into the city proper, though, and a passel of dwarves, young and old, make their way outside to greet Granite, thrust mugs of ale into your hands and demand stories of your journey – though mostly, they just want stories about Granite’s adventure. Chris, with skill only a bard possesses, takes the ale from one of the dwarven women and proceeds inside to take up a corner of the Walking Cockerel with his story: a tale of a journey spent aiding the hapless against the Hobgoblin menace, with much dramatic license.

“T’was short of a fortnight ago, we left to brave the wilds and many things have we seen! Sit, let me tell you a tale, and I swear it is true, for I have seen it with mine own two eyes, or my name isn’t Chris Trueheart. Valiant Krecklore and Dutiful Kenpachi bore witness to a plague upon the land and swore vengeance for blood spilt and lives lost, all to the name of Bane and his Hobgoblin soldiers in the World.

“They came up with a plan, you see, to travel to meet with the elves first, for the elves are wise and know things they hide from those not of thier kin. They recruited a guide, the best guide to be found in seven kingdoms, the Sure-Footed and Canny Aiden – and I, Chris Trueheart, overhearing, could not bear to let these events go unwitnessed and so begged leave to follow. The mysterious Kat-Ri appeared, then, offering her potent skills and sharp blade. From counsel with Master Warhammer, did Steadfast Granite come to join the Company, and six set off from Svaro.

“But Bane is a god and Knows things; he set his minions in the Company’s path that they could not rise and send challenge to his champion, the powerful Hand of Bane, Hobgoblin Warrior-King. They lay in wait, setting a trap on the sacred roads, a horde of goblins and bugbears, hidden from view, to pounce on any who might try to pass: merchant, traveler, hero.

“But! The gods of good Know things as well, and sent their own servants… To spring the trap first! With foreknowledge and unflagging bravery did Rook and Logain charge forward, tearing the goblins from their hiding places by claw and steel and showing their faces to the world, that the Company might snuff them out. And the day was won! So, Six became Eight.

“The Hobgoblins are not our enemy because they worship a different god, but because they are wrong in the things they do. Take, for example, our poor Lucius. The goblins attacked him on the road, and though his powers are mighty, there is little one can do against so many. They strung him up from a tree, to punish him for those he’d slain to resist them. They began to torture him, and, believe me, there’s nothing a goblin loves more than to torture. They are good at it, but Lucius would never break. He didn’t need to, because at that moment, the gods sent their light and the Company appeared, Rook and Logain leading the charge. Kat-Ri’s katar burst with green fire as she thrust it into the goblins, purifying their foul spirits with flame each time she struck. Under Krecklore’s direction, Granite and Aiden moved around the back, cutting down any who tried to escape, as Kenpachi smote them in the name of his goddess. Lucius was set free and, as is the way of his kind, swore his service to the creatures who had saved his existance.

“Thus, there were seven who found themselves at the edge of the Bearast Forest, seeking counsel with the elves of Onelideshiron. The floor of that dark wood is littered with the bones of those the elves have not deemed worthy to trespass, but Aiden knew the way and took them carefully through the undergrowth as only elves know. The woodland elves appeared to block the Company’s path and the Company was refused admitance, for none not of elven blood may see the city and live to speak of it. Left alone with orders to never return, their spirits low, the Company did depart – until a scream split the evening.

“Without waiting for permission, and to the Nine Hells with the consequences, as one the Company charged deep into the forest. In a clearing, they came upon a gruesome scene: Hobgoblin soldiers with bloodied weapons standing over the remains of many elves, torn to pieces, their bodies cast about like leaves. At the far end of the clearing stood their leader, pressing an elven maiden to a tree and demanding to know where her city was. Though tears streamed down her face, she would not break, for too much was at stake. The Company rushed forward, making quick work of the Hobgoblin guard. His soldiers slaughtered, the cloaked leader at last cast his captive aside and turned to face the Company. They were set to make fast work of the creature when, to their very great surprise, he summoned a winged angel, bound and weeping, to the field between us. Held hostage by the cloaked man’s dark magics, the servant of the light was unable to resist and was forced to stop the Company in their tracks! Unwilling to harm the angel, they were forced to stand by as the cloaked figure made his escape, then made to help the elven maiden.

“She gave her name, Birel, a princess of the elven kingdom and bade us to enter her home! Thus, we were granted admission to Onelideshiron, and though their council would send no soldiers past their own borders, the elven princess herself was moved by our struggle against Bane and snuck away in the night to join us before we left! Now, Ten, we return to the hospitality of this hearth and this ale and I give my thanks to Avandra and Erathis that Svaro and the Trade Road still stand to let me partake of them.”

The Next Part of the Game...
In Which One of the Players Updates The Story From Memory Because he got bored at work...

As Kenpachi and Krecklore set off to find the Elven city, with Kat-Ri and the rest of their party. Unbeknownst to them, a pair of Gnolls, by the names of Logain and Rook, were traveling down the same road in the opposite direction, The pair were serching for their lost lawn Gnome. (they are still unsure how he got away with shoes made of stone.) The point at which the two parties converged Just so happend to be the site of an Ambush party of Bugbears and Hobgoblins.

Logain spoted the ambush from quite some distance away and his plan for he and Rook to take them by surprise by springing the trap KNOWING it was comeing back fired, as two more Bugbears sprang from either side obviously better hidden than the other wich was spotted earlyer.

On the other side of the ambush Kenpachi’s crew was already baering down on the group of Hobgoblins ready to pelt the two Gnolls with arrows. The battle was long and hard, had either group been alone when they encounterd the ambush surely they would have been out matched. Logain took the brunt of the assault by the Bugbears and after felling one before him, fell unconscious.

Krecklore’s Inspireing words along with Chris Trueheart’s deadly insults saw the party though, and Kat-Ri finaly got to show her companions how deadly she could be by wetting her blades on the Hobgoblins who never saw her coming being focused on the Gnolls in front of them. Kenpachi even saved Aiden’s hide after he had witnessed him looting rather than helping, and yet another incident witch ended with Aiden hitting Kenpachi, and Kenpachi lighting Aiden’s hand on fire for it, in the same manner as he did in the bar. Kenpachi’s hate for Aiden started to burn bright as his Fire soul, and just to add insult to injury this rescue of Aiden caused Kenpachi to catch full view of what Logain “dose not wear” under his loin cloth, as he charged over the pair after being healed by Chris Trueheart. After Felling the Bugbear that originally Knocked Logain unconscious, Rook Ripped out it’s skull as a trophy, and handed it to her mate as a gift that he lovingly accepted it, and made a belt buckle out of it.

Then words were exchanged, and the Gnolls decided to join with Kenpachi, Krecklore, and Kat-Ri. Kenpachi taking an instant liking to Logain after he gave them a share of the loot he took while he and Aiden were… “talking”.

The next day as they trekked further down the road, they heard muffled screams and the Yipping of Kobolds. They quickly found that it was a Tiefling hanging upside down and the Kobolds throwing rocks at him.

Kenpachi sent Logain in first with a term of endearment witch Logain shrugged off. (mostly because Kobolds are taste critters to a Gnoll)

Between the groups onslaught and Krecklore’s Intimidating Roars in Draconic, the Kobolds were dispatched and eaten (by Logain at least), and the Tiefling set free.

He then introduced himself as Lucius a Sorcerer that with a streak of bad luck ended up in that situation, and for freeing him decided to join the group on their quest. with absolutely no interest of personal gain or the “fun” of destroying things in mind. (or so the told Krecklore)

A few uneventful days of travel, and a few more reasons for Kenpachi to hate Aiden with every fiber of his being later, They arrived in a clearing in the forest where they were stopped by a troop of Elves. Kenpachi tried to ask directly for help against the armies of Hobgoblins witch threaten the human cities, witch the elves declined. Krecklore with the help of Chris Trueheart tried to appeal to there sense of good and what is right, also to no avail. Kenpachi and Kat-Ri finally traded what they had to the Elves, with Kenpachi’s final demand that they take the plea for aid to the council, and reluctantly they agreed but with the warning that it would likely be the same answer he had given them already. The Elves departed leaving a small few of their number to watch the party with instructions not to leave the clearing until they returned.

After awhile of waiting and Kenpachi drinking poor Granite into the ground they all heard a woman’s shrill scream off into the distance, The Gnolls’ sharper hearing caught witch direction it came from, and after a second looking to see if Kenpachi was going to try and help whom ever it was, Logain took off at a run in the direction of the scream. Kenpachi and the rest of the party followed, however Kenpachi was not eager to be at odds with the elves by breaking their rules and halted the party, but when Logain kept moving with out pause, a sense of selflessness, and a desire to protect those weaker than himself moving his feet, Kenpachi and the others quickly followed.

Logain burst into another clearing to see six Hobgoblins, Elven bodies scattered about the clearing, and a man in dark robes holding an elven women by the neck questioning her about the Elven city. With out slowing for a moment he broad sided the closest Hobgoblin staggering it back, however they all smiled as if looking at fresh meat, and closed in swinging their flails at the Gnoll and landing two good blows of the four swung. Though they knew they were in trouble when the Gnoll before them smiled back, His Glave swept across them all in one quick motion, and while they were staggering back quick as lightning Rage filled Logain and he brought his still moving Glave down upon the Foremost of the Hobgoblin with a burst of fiery wings erupting from Logain’s back. The Bugbear with a look of shock on his face fell in two, as he caught fire from the attack and fell into a pile of messy ruin, the remaining Hobgoblins re-thought there position and were no longer smiling.

Just as Logain’s vicious attack was done, Rook and Krecklore burst from the clearing, followed by the rest of the party, and they made quick work of the remainder of the Hobgoblins, with Krecklore shouting commands and words of inspiration to his friends, Rook’s blade growling and rending flesh and armor like paper, Kat-Ri’s quick and deadly blades, Kenpachi and Lucius cleaning up with their mighty blasts of fire(force).

In the end the mysterious man ended up leaving after striking a deal with Kenpachi, that he would give him what he wanted (instead of Bane) and in turn he would leave the Elves alone. Kenpachi also found out that this man had a temper that hurt when he dismissed him curtly, he used a wave of energy to back hand Kenpachi, then left agreeing to Kenpachi’s terms.

Krecklore saw to the Elf woman’s wounds and Kenpachi helped him escort her back to the spot where they left Granite and Logain, Rook, and Kat-Ri tended to looting the Bugbears and arranging the elves in a more respectable manner.

The Elven women introduced herself as Birel Willowspine and told the party she would lead them to the City. while Kenpachi questioned Aiden, after being told by Chris Trueheart that he stopped them from following. Aiden’s story held up seeing as they did have to look after Granite but Kenpachi still added it to the list…

Continued in the next adventure…

The Game Up To Now...
In Which the DM Tries to Recall Previous Events From Memory

We open with Kenpachi and Krecklore, a pair of mercenaries fresh from their latest job: a boring stretch of time they’d spent guarding a caravan. 300g richer, and now jobless and stranded in the town of Svaro, the duo hit the bar to wash the dirt of the road from their mouths. The bartender, James Aleson of the Walking Cockerel, likened up to Kenpachi after a brief flash of coin and a brief request for the Cockerel’s strongest whiskey. He was served a Goliath brewed liquor in a black volcanic glass container.

About then, the team noticed a sad, somber man determinedly drinking and made their way to hear his tale. At length, he was a trader who was ambushed by Hobgoblins, his wagon stolen and his son brutally murdered before his eyes. Spying the weapons and armor the two were dressed in, he begged them for revenge and offered a large share from the proceeds if they could manage to return with his stolen goods.

The two set off down the road, quickly tracking down the site where the attack had taken place, then hoofed it after the trail the goblins had left. Soon enough, they came upon a group of goblins dutifully burning the remains of the wagon, which had been stripped and items of value moved on foot further south. The goblins were quickly dispatched, leaving the team battered but not beaten. They’d taken a prisoner, a single cowardly hobgoblin who swore the Hand of Bane would kill them all. They searched the bodies, discovering holy symbols of Bane, which Kenpachi dutifully destroyed.

Kenpachi, at this point, seemingly decided to make it his sole purpose in life to wipe out the Hobgoblin menace and set about to raise an army with the goal of doing so.

They went back to town and, after procuring a map of the area and some information about nearby settlements, immediately decided to go to the one they couldn’t find: the Elven city rumored to exist in the forest to the southwest.

Since they had no idea how to get there, they asked James about a guide. James told them a half-elf sitting by himself, a man named Aiden, would be his best bet. Kenpachi asked the half-elf if he could lead them to the elven city, and Aiden eyed him and replied, “You want to go there? You don’t look much like an elf.” Kenpachi replied, “Neither do you,” and Aiden got a little upset. He kicked Kenpachi in the chest and Kenpachi exploded in a burst of fire, leaving the guide clutching his foot and Kenpachi lying on the ground. Cooler heads prevailed in the form of Krecklor, who calmly talked the guide into forgiving Kenpachi and guiding them to the elven city. Aiden told them to bring food for the week and they’d leave the next day.

Kenpachi had been trying to get friendlier with the local blacksmith, a dwarf named Shifi Warhammer. When he mentioned the quest to him and asked if the dwarf knew anyone who could help, Shifi fell over himself to suggest his nephew, called Granite. They went to meet the young dwarf, who quickly earned their approval with a tryout by burying his axe a foot deep in solid stone.

Leaving the site of the tryout, a Shadar-Kai woman, Kat-Ri, came to Kenpachi and Krecklor and was quickly invited to join. Finally, Kenpachi talked to Chris Trueheart, a bard who had been working the tavern, into coming along to help negotiate with the elves once they arrive.

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