• Kat-Ri


    Short and slight of stature, Kat-Ri is as elegantly deadly as the blade she caries. She has recently joined a group of mercenaries in the hope of finding a challenge worthy of her skills. .
  • Kenpachi


    Kenpachi is a young Male, dual manifesting Genasi. He is a fiercly loyal and destructive personality....... though through his Storm manifestation his head tends to stay calm, though it may only be the calm before the erruption of his flames storm.
  • Krecklore the Valorful

    Krecklore the Valorful

    A Warlord Dragonborn. An honorable and loyal individual who thrives on honor and glory. His immediate party consists of several individuals, including his first comrade in arms, Kenpachi.
  • Logain


    Gnoll Barbarian, with a nose for adventure who is currently traveling with a group of merchinaries, Krecklore, Kenpachi, Kat-Ri, and Lucius. All of whom he and his mate Rook have taken a likeing to and added Themselfs to there number.
  • Rook


    A viciously protective little skull busting gnoll female fighter skilled with a blade and on the search for her missing lawn gnome.