A viciously protective little skull busting gnoll female fighter skilled with a blade and on the search for her missing lawn gnome.



fur- sleek panther-like blue black with small round iridescent spots that are only visible when hit by light at an angle, has a long wild messy mane tied in multiple separate strands in the back with leather straps eyes- a striking pale yellow like the earliest touch of sun on the horizon armor- darkly shining metal covered in razor sharp scales and tiny blades jewelry- multiple silvery ear piercings and random beads and bones she thought were pretty


layer1- cautious, intimidating, violent (only to those who ask for it) layer2- awkward, passionate, helpful, loyal, accepting layer3- determined, honorable, curious, quirky (in short very much like a stray dog)


food, companionship, travel, omgthetreasure!, Logain, wine, destroying things that squeak


Anyone or anything that tries to harm Logain, racist humans, itchy grass, lack of gnome.

A Brief History: (with tears and as much brevity as I can muster)

Not long after Rook was born a group of adventurers slaughtered the small pack of evil desert dwelling gnolls she belonged to, upon their looting they discovered little Rook. Because of her rare coat color she was captured and was soon sold in the exotic pet trade to a very wealthy eccentric and hedonistic young nobleman and for a short time she was pampered as a loved pet but after he grew bored with her, and his care for her dwindled as she grew out of her cute pup stage he eventually ordered his servants to sell her, and she became the traveling companion of an untalented and uncaring bard who made her wear an iron collar and dance while he played for coins to gamble. He was murdered over a gambling debt one night while Rook was asleep, and when morning came and his body was found right beside his evil-looking chained gnollbeast Rook was accused of his murder. Ripping free from the rusty chains that held her she barely made a breath’s escape from the angry mob determined to serve their justice upon her and delved into the underbelly of the large city where she spent the next two years living homeless in the shadows of the city’s junkyard. In a spur of hope on a late summer night she sneaked across the city crossing rooftops and alleyways to the port and stowed away aboard a military ship destined for foreign lands, halfway through the trip the vessel was swept into a raging storm and in the chaos Rook heard a voice telling her to go on deck or they would be lost to the churning waves forever, so she left her hiding spot and joined the frantic crew, who, in the darkness of the horrifying storm, saw not a monstrous gnoll loose on their ship, but merely a symbol of luck in her cat-like eyes as she worked with them in unison to survive the turmoil through the night, and in some miraculous happening won the friendship and trust of the captain and commander during the rest of their trip, after they had landed she was recruited and trained as a Warblade Marine and spent the next few years a faithful dog of the military in those lands. After the war was ultimately won, she left the military and not knowing where to go next became a freelance mercenary. Within the first months of occupation, she and Logain were sent to kill each other on contract under the suspicion that there was a gnoll in the area that was causing bad luck and disease and eating people’s babies. and so they met, and somewhere between the aggressive clashing of their blades in their attempts to end each other, fell in love. With Logain being a gnoll of such honorable and just intentions Rook became extremely protective of him with the feeling that she was protecting the only pure and good thing in the world. After a year together they got a den with a black picket fence and a lawn gnome with cement shoes and their lives seemed to be calming down…until mysteriously their gnome disappeared, and they met a very headstrong band of adventurers bent on destroying a god…


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