Gnoll Barbarian, with a nose for adventure who is currently traveling with a group of merchinaries, Krecklore, Kenpachi, Kat-Ri, and Lucius. All of whom he and his mate Rook have taken a likeing to and added Themselfs to there number.

Height: 7’8”
Weight: 310 lb
Age: 25
has blue-grey fur with darkbrown (almost black) spots.
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Hair: Black, Blue-grey tips
Glaive of Terror +1 2D4 crit + 1d8 Encounter -2 all def on hit target
Bloodcut Hide +1 Encounter Resist 10/all Dmg till next turn when Bloodied
HP: 69 Bloodied: 34 Init: 12 Speed: 7
AC: 21 Fort: 19 Ref: 17 Will: 14
stat mod Racial LvL
Str: 16 3 0 1
Con: 18 4 2 1
Dex: 16 3 2 0
Int: 12 1 0 0
Wis: 14 2 0 0
Cha: 15 2 0 0
Melee +6
Range +6
Acrobatics: 6
Arcana: 4
Athletics: 6
Bluff: 5
Diplomacy: 5
Dungeoneering: 5
Endurance: 7
Heal: 5
History: 4
Insight: 5
Intimidation: 12
Nature: 10
Perception: 10
Religion: 4
Stealth: 6
Streetwise: 5
Thievery: 6


Logian has a sense of Honor and Sacrifice and will put himself in harm’s way to save some one in need. Many Gnolls have some sort of Honor about them and are misunderstood by many of the other races of the land, and lumped in with there evil kin. Logain Grew up in the wild living far enough away from his Tribe that he did not get associated with them, but close enough to still be considered a contributing member. His palate is standard for a gnoll, but he has developed a taste for Kobold Rosted or raw the small lizards are just tasty. Loyal to those he calls friend, and fierce to those he calls foe Logian has proven himself in combat, and usually wins by attrition.

Logian appreciates the value of life and respect for the wild as that is where he grew up and lived the great majority of his life. He likewise respects Death and knows that everything that has a beginning has an end, and as such fears little. However knowing that one day Death will separate him from his mate Rook, for however brief a time, saddens him greatly it is simply another fascist of life.


Before Logain was born his mother, Valera, was a Shamaness To a Tribe of Mediocre size and power. She had a vision that they would be destroyed by a stronger tribe and those who did not die would become slaves to there own people. The chief did not believe this vision was true because she was ‘with cub’ and dismissed her warnings. The night before this was to occur she left the tribe to its fate and found a place to live deep in the swamp near the plains she herself had lived on for so long. She had her cub in seclusion, she named him Logain.

She did not seek another tribe and had raised Logain away from there people, out of curiosity she wondered how one of her kind would turn out when raised to make his own choices, and not forced into a niche by the clan. Surprisingly he grew up happy and strong, and most shocking of all Good. She was cretin that most of her people who were good had it beaten into them just like those who were evil, but there he was growing up before her eyes to be Good all on his own. Logain grew up in the swamp with his mother, playing with animals eating the occasional Kobold. The wild spirits swelled in him as he grew, and his mother could see it, she knew he would be a Barbarian before he himself ever knew it. When he grew old enough he set out on his own, as his mother told him he would want to.

He became a Mercenary soon there after and experienced many things that only made him feel sorrow. He saved a human child from Orcs only to be called a monster himself and driven out of the small town. He freed a caravan of slaves from Hobgoblins, and while the slaves were grateful and did not care what they’re savior looked like, soon and adventuring party came to rescue them, and tried to kill Logain believing him to be evil. Time and time again Logain dose good for others, and dose not get much more for thanks other than curses and to be beaten and spit at. Still he endures and entertains the notion that he may yet change people’s minds about ‘monsters’ but it will not be easy.

Soon he was hired to find another Gnoll in the area who was terrorizing the locals causing havoc unknown. Some where in the fight with the other gnoll, he noticed she was very beautiful and seemed to be on the same contract he was. It was love, the first time he had ever found some one like himself, she spoke in a strange yet lovely accent that he simply had to know more about. Soon He and Rook settled down together, until the day their lawn gnome was stolen…


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