Birel Willowspine

Birel is the survivor of the Deva Marachs attack on the elven people, in an attempt to draw them out. This attack was so he could find the location of the elven city, stating that if he could deliver the information to The Right Hand of Bane he would be rewarded with the artifact that was in the Right Hands possession.

Birel is fun loving, joyful and full of life. She is the daughter of the High Guard Armalad and some sources say an Elven Princess.

~Also though she is not straight forward about it, she is believed to “have a thing for” the ol’ flaming hair. Some speculate that this interest may be one of the driving factors on her joining the company.

^ By Krecklore: I believe there is a term for this speculation, it is called delusion. _ ding!

Birel Willowspine

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