History of Creation

Dawn of Time

  • Genesis of the Fundamental Planes, and the Gods and Primordials
  • Creation of Prime and Mirrors (Shadowfell and Feywild)
  • Time of Creation
  • Dawnwar (Ends in Divine Victory)
  • Godswar (Dawnwar Aftermath)
  • Ends with Withdrawl of Gods

First Age

  • The gods retiring to their Astral Dominions left a power vaccuum, one filled by the first incursions of the Far Realm as the Mind Flayers build an empire using the gith and the duergar as slaves. The gith revolted and became divided after winning their freedom. The githyanki fled to the Astral Sea, while the githzerai fled to the Elemental Chaos.
  • The Eladrin founded several realms in the Feywild, including the Anauli Empire, the Realm of the Twin Queens, and the Empire of Cendriane. The Eladrin of Cendriane pushed back magical and planar boundaries, opening a gate in the heart of a lost mountain. Within days, every citizen vanished, leaving their crystal cities to slowly fall into ruin.
  • The Dwarves jealously guarded their freedom, carving their own kingdoms into the earth. Some fell, some still stand, and some, like Gar Morra, the City in the Deep, were abandoned for reasons never discussed.
  • The Trolls held their own kingdom in the north, Vardar, which eventually fell due to continual assaults from all sides. They fell back to their capital, which they jealously hold to this day even as the land around it has turned into the swamplands known as the Trollmarch.
  • A tribe of humans known as Shadar-Kai travel to the Shadowfell and pact with Raven Queen, goddess of death. In exchange for servitude, she grants them a form of immortality; truly a shadowy form of agelessness which they must use pain and intensity to sustain against the ennui of the Shadowfell.
  • The yuan-ti, Zehir’s children, found the empire of Zannad, mastering flesh-contorting magic to improve themselves into the modern yuan-ti. But the magic warped their minds as well, and their society slowly rotted from within.
  • Hobgoblins following Bane carve out thier own empire with goblins and bugbears as servants. They developed magical methods to breed beasts for various purposes. Goblins and bugbears may, in fact, have been the results of magical breeding projects. The empire fell due to civil strife and possibly fey interferences.

Imperial Age

  • The dragonborn of Bahamut triumph over those of serving Tiamat, forging the empire of Arkhosia in the arid lands of the south, ruled over by royal lines of mighty dragons.
  • Bael’Turath was founded by humans. When the empire expanded beyond the grasp of its power-hungry nobles, they swore to retain their rule even at the cost of their humanity. After destroying a few houses that refused, the nobles summoned devils and used rituals to seal their infernal pacts, becoming the first Tieflings. Boosted by the new-found powers, the Hell-Chained Empire continued to expand.
  • Bael’Turath and Arkhosia came into contact, descending into “decades of warfare”. (Some sources say the wars spanned “hundreds of years”.) Border skirmishes grew with each year. Several full-scale wars broke out, including the War of Teeth, in which Serpentus Rift, one of the seven Jewels of the South, was destroyed, War of Wings and the final War of Ruin, which really began after the ten-year siege of Razortear ended when the tiefling general Achazriel tunneled into Razortear, an Arkhosian fortress. Both sides suffered heavy losses, and the Battle of Razortear marked the beginning of the end for both empires.

‘Modern’ Age

  • Thousands of years after the Arkhosia/Bael’Turath War, a human unites his people under his banner, sending envoys of alliance to every race he could name. Many of the messengers met with bad ends, but several were well recieved and the empire of Nerath was born.
  • 400 years ago, the minotaur Maze City of Saruun Khel was abandoned after a civil war. The surviving minotaurs were cursed by Baphomet with mindless fury.
  • More than three centuries ago, King Eothyr III commissioned the Society of Imperial Artificers to create an adaptive artificial being. His grandson, King Elidyr, redirected the project for war during his reign, resulting in the Warforged.
  • The cultists of Orcus created a gate to the Shadowfell, flooding the world with undead. Legionnaires from Nerath sealed the gate and built the Shadowfell Keep, while King Elidyr’s army spent years wiping out these undead, some of which can still be found, waiting in the deepest crypts.
  • King Elidyr led his armies against gnolls marching beneath the Ruler of Ruin’s banner. More than half of Nerath’s strongholds were razed in the war and eventually the war took King Elidyr, his heirs, and most of his trusted barons, dukes, and champions. Nerath’s infrastructure could not survive the loss and, though the gnolls and thier master were defeated, the empire was shattered.
  • The current year is Common Year (CY) 127, 127 years after the fall of Nerath, as reckoned by a 13-month, 28-day Calendar.

History of Creation

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