Male Gnoll barbarian, Logian has a sense of Honor and Sacrifice and will put himself in harm’s way to save some one in need. Many Gnolls have some sort of Honor about them and are misunderstood by many of the other races of the land, and lumped in with there evil kin. Logain Grew up in the wild living far enough away from his Tribe that he did not get associated with them, but close enough to still be considered a contributeing member. His palate is standard for a gnoll, but he has developed a taste for Kobold Rosted or raw the small lizards are just tastey. Loyal to those he calls friend, and feirce to those he calls foe Logian has proven himself in combat, and usually wins by attrition.

Also see his character sheet Logain

Mated to Rook. Wears a band matching Rook’s around the base of his tail to show this fact.

Magic Items of Note: Glaive of Terror +1, Bloodcut Hide +1


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