A gold-eyed tiefling sorcerer with blue hair and brown skin, chaos magic runs through his body like blood in a lesser being.

Magic Items of Note: Force Staff+1

*Roleplay: A glimpse into the mind of Lucius

I see your cold stare gaze upon my… unnerving appearance. I feel the fear weighing heavily upon your heart. Perhaps you are more intelligent than I had originally anticipated; you should fear that which you don’t understand. Never the less, your fear makes you weak, mortal. Perhaps it’s the almost human hue to my skin that makes my demeanor more intimidating. I’m certain my wild, dark blue hair as a contrast to my light brown skin is enough to make me stand out in a crowd, and that’s not even including my tail, head crests and horns. It truly matters little what you think of my appearance. This shell is only a means to achieve my destiny, immortality. So many of you mortals place an immeasurable amount of judgment simply by what I look like.

I find it funny actually; you need not fear what is on the outside but rather what flows within. It takes but a glance to notice that demonic power rages within my body and soul. However, the true magnificence lies deeper. I rarely flaunt my arcane prowess. I find I rarely need to. It is as if destiny it’s self choose me alone to freely channel the ley lines of arcane energy. The ease in which I wield this power is testament alone to my brilliance. I pity those whom call themselves wizards, spending their entire lives with nose in tome in an attempt to achieve greatness. It matters little, fate shines down upon me alone.

You may think of me as an evil person because of my ambitions of immortality. I have no interest in this game of good and evil. There is but only one reality in this realm and that is life; those who live, those who fail and those who surpass the threshold of living and make their existence permanent.

I know my rightful place, my throne upon the pantheon waits patiently for my ascension. I have selected my mark, the great Bane. He meddles unchecked in the mortal lands. Building an army upon which he will over run the mortal races in one fell swoop. What better way to improve my abilities and ascend to my destined throne. Upon which I will bring order to the stray gods. Their inability to act against Bane cohesively shows they are weak. I shall corral them, control them.

I am no fool though; bane hides behind his divine magic, sending his “Right Hand” to do his bidding. I realize alone the task of drawing bane out is… unlikely. As fate has done so many times in the past, she has granted me a means to an end. In a rather embarrassing defeat to one of Bane’s minions, I was hung upside down in a tree. To make things worse I became a piñata to a group of kobolds. And just as it seemed luck was not on my side, a group of adventures came to my aid.

I find with each passing moment I become more comfortable around this ragtag group. And lady luck as she would have it, each member shares a common goal; put an end to Bane. I feel with the help of my new companions my enemies along my destined path will bend to my relentless torment, and Bane will become but a slave to my arcane brilliance.

With fate on my side and a group of loyal companions we now set off to procure allies against Bane’s army and become one step closer to my ascension. You would be wise to join our cause. But be warned, cross my path and your death will be a swift one.


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