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Krecklore’s Travel Log—Krecklore’s Journal.

The Abyssal Lullaby—Flashbacks and dreams of a Warblade Marine

Art for Campaign—The First Strike Gaming Society art page

The Ghost in the Woods—A tale told in a tavern

Memories of a Gnoll—Logain’s memories of the past as he keeps watch on different nights.

The Lawn Gnome—This should help clear things up. (hopefuly)

Soldier of Fortune—The Backstory telling the fateful meeting between Krecklore and Kenpachi. (Coming Soon: Courtesy of Krecklore)

And So They Met—Kenapachi’s musings on Kecklore and his first fight(a travel story)

De Mon Ted’s arrival

The Chaos Lands —Have you ever wondered what happens to a character once they are no longer being played? Hear now the story of one who has returned from such a fate.

Main Page

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