In which the record keeper opens the book of quotes, to the enjoyment of a few and the confusion of many.


Best Dwarf Name ever – Axbeard Stone Hammer

GM – How does one become repremand?
Kenpachi – You’ll see

Krecklore – Halflings, they come equipped with knives and forks.

Kenpachi – (smiles)
Kat-Ri – You plan to scare them with your fearsome appearance?

Krecklore – I can’t take a symbol from Star Wars, that’s just dishonorable.

GM – It takes a bit of silver to keep a silver tongue moving.

The elf takes the arm kabob, and beats the undead with it’s own arm


Kat-Ri – I find it disturbing that Krecklore says ‘Kobolds’ in the same way some people say French Frys.

Logain – (singing the George Washington Song)

Kenpachi – Look, we keep things in things, because of things!!

GM – We travel peacefully, with our big ass swords and armor.
Logain – Well yeah, these fuckers hate us!

Kat-Ri – So, the dogs are walking themselves.

GM – Hey puppies, are you guys good?
Logain – Yarf.

Rook – You all should be ashamed, bossing my woman around like that.

Logain – Actually, I would like to ungrapple myself by hacking his arm off.

The bard insulted the commander to death. (You’re mother was a whore! What, No, I arrhhh, gurgle. . . )

Kat-Ri – The enemy is being rude. How dare they!
Krecklore – Do not mock honor.

Krecklore – You there, drop him or punishable by death!!

GM – The bugbear picks up the elf, turns him over and eats the guy against the ground.
Kenpachi – I watch with glee.

Kat-Ri – You roll to your knee, the elf tenderly cradeled in your arms.
Kenpachi – And then I head butt him


GM – I have all the rules here.
Logain – You have how to die written down here.
GM – Just in case

Kenpachi – (whistels) nudges Logain, Fetch.
Logain – You’re lucky I think those things are tasty

Kenpachi – Is the grass dry, I just want to kow if I’m going to start a fire.
Logain – Well that’s the first time Kenpachi’s been cautious

Rook – I rush into battle, calling ‘Dibs!’

Logain – He knows that I’m going to eat him, the soul first, you have to get it before it goes stale.

GM – The other one attempts to bury his spear in your spine.
Logain – I’m a barbarian, I’m fine with that.

Kat-Ri – You cut his arm off, at the neck.

Lucius – Am I gagged? I want to know if I can cast spells.
Logain – I just want to know, if you can cast spells, how the hell are you tied up in a tree with kobolds hitting you with sticks?

Logain – If he tries to take my stuff, he may find my glaive, in his face.

Kat-Ri – If you can avoid killing him all the way, I have a spell I really want to try, and it needs two bad guys.

Logain – Smoldering Corpse! WoHo!!
Krecklore – (Bamph) Hammer and Anvil #3
Kat-Ri – Is that like Love Potion #9?

Kat-Ri – You’re better than a bug zapper.

Krecklore – He’s a masochist, he did it to himself.
Logain – Of course, the kobolds just found him that way.

Kat-Ri – I wanted to kill the bastard.

GM – The NPCs are like ‘ These guys are kobolds, we’re going to eat lunch.’
Logain – So am I, I’ve got one already cooked.

Rook – I chase him on all fours, barking.

Logain – Yeah, I have reach, I don’t need it.

Kat-Ri – If I am topless, I want a bonus to my AC for distraction.

Kenpachi – I check for traps.
Kat-Ri – You find three that Aiden set

Kat-Ri – Does it have scales?
Rook – No, just, no.

Rook – I ate a kobold earlier, I’m fine.

Kenpachi – I go through all of my stuff, glaring at Aiden the entire time.

Logain – Who drops breadcrumbs in the forest and expects to find them again?
GM – I just drop body parts.

Lucius – If you want Elves, just pee on a tree, they’ll show up to kick your ass eventually.

Krecklore – DemonO’s Pizza
Logain – You summon, we deliver
GM – You know never to summon anything bigger than your head?
Logain – Or your mana pool.

Lucius – (lisping) Would you look at his boots!

Logain – I’m good aligned, I have to help.
Lucius – I don’t (laughs)

Kat-Ri – Party! I mean Fight!

Lucius – I don’t stay in clearings with squishys
Kenpachi – I’m not squishy.
Lucius – You’re squishy enough

Krecklore – Normally I wouldn’t pull a Loopy.
Kenpachi – I take offense to that, and resemble it.
Kat-Ri – See, it wasn’t a Loopy, because you admitted you were wrong.
Kenpachi – You all are cocks, especially you.

Krecklore – Sting of the Manta Ray! Crickey!
Logain – I am pretty sure that dose 1d4 Crocodile hunters per round.

Kat-Ri – I tell him his mother’s a whore, because it works for the bard.

Kenpachi – Kill the guy in my way.
Logain – I’m trying, I’m going to cleave and if I kill them great, but I can’t help it.

GM – We’ve covered this.
Krecklore – But we have yet to cover the audacity behind the idea.

Logain – You have a rather large tree ghost behind you.

Kat-Ri – Dude can summon an angel, and he can’t find a city?

Kenpachi – His head is mine, he just doesn’t know it yet. (I’m glowing with holy fucking radience)

Kenpachi – I’m hurt, I’ve got backup, and I’m pissed!!


Krecklore – You can’t whack a 7 ft gnoll in the night.
Kenachi – I can, right in the crotch.

Lucius – You could always dig a hole, light it on fire, and push them in.

GM – Monsters!
Krecklor – Nay, we are not monsters.
Lucius – Boo!!

Rook – He’s hot headed.
Logain – His head’s on fire!

GM – Many people have tried to fool us.
Kenpachi – And we’ve gotten the furthest.

Kenpachi – Now I want’s it, and I’ll get it, or he’ll die.

Kat-Ri – Just because you’re going to be a god, doesn’t mean you’re one now.

Kat-Ri – Anyone else for sharp point things? All raise hands

GM – I would like to be able to call you friend.
Kat-Ri – So don’t give him a reason to kill you.

Logain – The man can’t find his balls with his hand doen his pants.

Ziplock bog of souls, stays fresh longer!

Krecklore – Where is Kenpachi and Aiden?
Logain – You mean where is Kenpachi burying Aiden?

Logain – I wrote that down, but then I ate that piece of paper because I was waiting for pizza.

Lucius – I kill half the city. Now the other half. They’re all dead now. What next?

Krecklore – Never mind the snakes, the dogs take care of them.
Rook – Nom, nom
Logain – Those arn’t complimentary chew toys?

Were Bunny

Kenpachi – That’s the most inspiring thing I’ve heard you say?
GM – I don’t talk to you that much.

Logain – We saved Bril.
Lucius – I was aiming for her, the hobgoblins got in the way.

Kenpachi – (to Krecklore) One of these days, you’re going to get us into more trouble than me.

Kat-Ri – Throws washbasin at Kenpachi for 8 points of damage

Logain – If we get into combat, I will split someone stem to stern for you sir.

In which the record keeper gets tired of people bugging her about the quotes, and posts them so that people can look them up on their own.


L- I got 9 successes on emphasis!
S- You’re Italian

Jer – Where did yo uget a spike?
L – The big giant log that I turned into a spike that I’ve been poking people with!

L – Quit paying attention when I teach you things.

J – The marriage in Vegas was awesome by the way.

W – I figured it was a dream, what’s the worst that could happen?

St – Masterwork stick!

J – Trying to psyc out a mirror usually doesn’t work.

Jer – Now that everybody has grabbed my balls.

J – Can I has the eye of the world?
S – You’re not trying to become a god in the game.

St – We’ll that shines a light on the situation.

J – Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet and Watch! Oh God!

W – Best request ever – Lightsaber.

W – I will fuck Cthulhu up, I have a fucking lightsaber.

W – Can I have the force at my beck and call?
Jer – You have Sam.

J – I’m going to make Wheaton 2 feet tall, and green.
W – Kill you all, I will.

St – Can I has Clair burger?

S – Is that enough of a fireball?
L – almost

St – (giggling like a little girl over damage)

J – Is my head going to explode?
Jer – Maybe

Jer – Roll me your intellect + crazy.

Cl – You used hyperbeam.

St – (tings)

W – What the FUCK?


L – There’s toilet paper in the bathroom again.
S – And there was much rejoicing across the land.

J – He’s a bard, he should worry you.

J – Am I in his butt?
L – Not actually.

S – I am too an elf.

Jer – Can I make it look like the finger of God?
J – Thank You Peylor.
Jer – (Darth Vader Voice) You’re Welcome

Jer – I’m just going to stand on his crotch and rock him.
S – Webles wobble and they do fall down.

Jer – Dude, its a freaking thorn longbow. It’s tiny to you, not so bad for me, and freaking huge to him!

L – No one goes around the boulder in the middle of the path.

Jer – It’s too bad your not a sail, cause then I could have said, “Look at that Es Cargo”

St – Am Strongest Rock says you lie down!

St – You didn’t say Asshole says, we don’t have to lie down.
L- Symbol of Death is for you.

Jer – No, you really came to pay us and leave peacefully.

St – Yes, a 28 hits my stone ass.

S – I stand there and golf clap for chaos, death and destruction.

Cl – I lightning bolt.
L – Which one?
Cl – One of the ones that isn’t dead.

S – I has Steve-burger? Nom Nom

St – Well fuck. Still strongest Rock, but still fuck.

Jer – You’re strongest gallstone.

Cl – How about I go barefoot for a week?
L – The uncomfort is not enough.
Jer – Add embarrassment, go topless.

S – Is this what you’ll be like when you have kids?
Jer- Yes
Cl – No

Jer – We have a field of someone else’s problem around us.

Jer – We go to the slightly brighter corner, to discuss our reputable business

L – You could set him free!
J – Yeah, he’s mine now.

L – I do not know awsomess, but I do know wrathfulness
S – That’ll do.

Cl – Lazy bard. Lazy useful bard.

6 – 20

L – I win
S – pout

J – She already blew up the tent, what more do you want?

St – I’m the most trustworthy out of this party.
S – That doesn’t say much.

Jer – Make him earn his manhood.
S – He’s elven, he doesn’t have one.

St – He can always find the dragon later.

S – Oh this is so amazing, I must buy it all at twice the price.

Jer – Good luck finding a gnoll who will buy it rather than stabbing you and staling it.
D – Or stabbing you and eating you.

Jer – What are we doing in Savro?
J – Killing everyone.

J – Just get them drunk and yell ‘To War’ and they will just follow you.
D – That might work really.

J – Do not surprise me!

L – That’ll wake him up.
D – No it doesn’t
L – Well at least it was cool

Jer – You know, Kenpachi hasn’t seen gnoll ball yet tonight, I think he needs to.

L – You bring back your clan, and you don’t eat me.

L – I’m just being a dick.


W – Save me.
S – I can’t even save myself

S – Just because I’m laughing maniacally, doesn’t mean it’s my fault.
J – Yes it does.

W – Who, da fuck, was that!

Jer – That was a delayed reaction to your delayed reaction.

Jer – Raven, I didn’t even get to attack.

S – I want more grenades now.

S – I think we’ve blown up enough.
W – Nope.

W – This is my 21 explosive salute.

W – What’s the worst that can happen?
L – You shoot Jeremy
W – So?


Cl – We need to stop being immature and start to pretend to be superhero’s

motorized unicycle

Jer – Faster than a clown on crack!

Jer – Stupid piece of Korean Shit . . .

W – Shut up Radiation Man!

J – I call the fire brigade

W – I’ve been given a lot of warnings.

Cl – I smash in with my eyes flashing read and blue.

L – I giggle

Cl – Time to pull over.

D – Kiel her!

S – I fall screaming to my doom.
L – Really?
S – Yep.

Jer – I’m orbiting!
St – Save me!

J – I have a theory
L – Which is?
J – Ship can’t fly without thruster.

W – I make friends

Bitch Bats

W – I now have boxing gloves

W – I’m going to feel bad when I break this guy’s arm.
J – I’m going to feel bad when I crash this thing.

Cl – Ow! My morality chip!

Jer – I’ll be back, soon as my concussion clears up.

W – I will follow him to the depths of hell.

D – Is that with 3 Xs?

Jer – You have the right to remain unconscious. Anything you say won’t be much
W – You have the right to drool on yourself.
St – You have the right to dream of an attorney, if you can’t dream of one, one will be dreamed of for you.

W – Listen dude, I can do this all damn day, and he can heal you so you can too.

D – No prison can hold me
S – Dude!
D – Ok, ok, maybe he can hold me, but he is jackass, not prison.

St – I have things to do.
S – Like pick up another jar of pickles.

J – Radiation of Love!


S – Dammit, I didn’t scare anyone!

J – You only live once!
St – Not in Cthulhu teck.

St – Like that hooker at the bar that one time.

S – One time. I killed him one time!

W – Oh, that’s it? Ok!

St – This isn’t going to end well.
S – This didn’t begin well.
W – True.

S – Dude, why didn’t you use C4?

St – I let him take point.

L – It’s a palm scanner.
S – I get one of their hands and open the door.

W – (sad) I’ll go disarm my trap.

St – I could be he that shall not be named.
S – I think he’s bigger than a breadbox

J – Leaf of Stealthing +1

S – To give him something to live for, I pry his jaws open and give him a cigar.

J – I can’t put my arms down!

W – What would you do without me?
J – Probably get hurt less.

W – I’m totally bragging about that until the day that I die again.

9 – 12

Jer – It’s Ok, if you do it again, I’ll stab you until your face falls off.

St – What can I take from a baby today?

Jer – In German, you can either sound angry or gay.

S – If a flashing blue ball of light can spy on you, your spys are stupid.

Jer – And watch us both Ec-Fucking-Slode

S – I figure glowing equal about to explode

Cl – Then a little while later, our organs catch up.

Jer – She’s Braum’s ex wife!

D – If I can see them, I can kill the, or I can have someone else kill them.

St – I will address my insanity later.

S – He didn’t die, he only almost died.

D – I don’t care about the dead things, I care about the things that mad the dead things.

St – No shit Sherlock! It fired a ray at me, I think it’s unfriendly!

St – Zombie Butter! I can’t believe its not zombie!

St – You made Cthulhu cry, but he still smited you.

Jer – Unless Sam specifically orders it, these guys are going to end up as severed heads.

S – I meant the scientists, I don’t care about the traitors.

St – The realm of your soul is like burned toast and no amount of scraping shall save you!

St – I’m always the normal one.
S – I would like to point out the irony.
D – You should always play something as far from yourself as much as possible.

S – Claire, do the damage giggle.
Cl – ( giggles, and rubs hands)

St – This is not going to be Cthulhu 5 – The musical
S – There were 4 others? Did the audience survive?
St – No

L – St cares about civilians.
S – Thats cute
Jer – I only care because they order me to.

9 – 19

Cl – Yay! Ice cream and dead bodies!

S – Freki in order to make sure that these people don’t come back as zombies, can you rip them apart?
Cl – Ok, sure
S – the dead ones.
Cl – aww.. ..

S – You mean the parts over there? Yah, they’re dead.

Jer – What a waste of a bomb.

D – It’s not that they didn’t see us, it that no one survived seeing us.

D – I barley trust that you guys have morals and ethics.
S – We just left a herd of civilians behind to get eaten by the bugs
D – Yeah, but they’re imaginary.

St – Holy Hell! (Thunk)

Cl – It’s going to eat me!
S – You sound ok.
Cl – I thought I was going to die last time, so I’m good.

D – Calamari!

St – Loki, is that you?

Jer – They’re not treacherous bastards, so I don’t have to gut them, but if they help that would be good.

St – Good enough. Holly Fuck

Cl – I think I can handle it.

Cl – Will my blades do anything?
L – You don’t know
Cl – I’ll use them anyway.

L – I have no idea what he just did.
S – Welcome to the club

Steve’s reload sounds like a duck

St – They never said directors had to study physics.

J – You going to jump the dude or run through him?

St – Quick, we need a big magnifying glass!

Cl – Yeah, dark humor!

Jer – Rip, whee!
L – Your a cock.

S – Shades of Loki

Cl – You realize I’m still raging right? I’ll pick up my other arm and beat the thing with it. (and she did and she killed it!)

St – That still only counts as one!

L – What do you fix it too?
S – Jeramy.

St – What looks sturdy?
L – nothing, your in a building thats collapsing.

S – We have parameters, but they’re more guidelines.

D – Sam’s awesomeness was so scary . . .

Cl – I’M NOT DONE!!!

S – they have really great muffins in the breakroom

St – release me . . .

W – (goes into philosophical discussion)
S – Channel 3 has been compromised, switch to channel 4. (all switch)

S – Don’t burn up, that would look really bad on my expense report.
St – And you snapping the neck of a civilian looks bad enough.
S – No, they don’t cost anything.

S – we can be the damsels in distress
W – if you two are in distress . . .
St – more like the damsels causing distress
S – that works

St – What’s your condition?
S – please hold
St – I don’t like it when tech support is on hold!

St – do I get hold music?
S – screams and the sound of slaughter.
St – that works.

W – I yell target acquired and unload

Cl – I was in the crowd of mechs and you were throwing bombs at me!

S – I told you, glowing means about to blow up!

St – this is going to hurt
W – what’s going to hurt is if we don’t get down from here.

Jer – That was so wrong
D – I know, that’s why I did it.

W – I don’t care about a stick I have a thousand rounds of shut the fuck up.


W – Sergeant Ra, Your healing tank has been compromised.

W – I signaled the evac, nobody listened.

L – . . . killing the two characters
W – yeah, forgot about them.

Jh – What jap porn where you in?

Cl – cephalopods – tasty and sexy

Cl – Don is like ‘chicken legs’ and W is like ‘bullets’

W – I want a triple barrel shotgun, except two barrels shot grenades.

S – half your organs have made in China on them.
W – So true.

S – Best hood ornament ever!

W – Sir, its been ready for . . . we got 30 seconds.

Jer – Its not how hard you throw it, it who you throw.

W – I proceed to remove the claw.
L – With a gun?
W – Yep.

Jh – If I can’t see it, I don’t have to make an insanity check.

Jer totally missing Klingon joke.

Jh – Can I feel your metal balls
Jer – They’re not mine, they’re Donny’s

Jh – That was going to be funny either way. For me.

Cl – And I want to make it scary and pretty.

Cl – I reach in, pull it out and wrap it around.
S – Did you just?
Cl – Yes
L – You have to get a grip on the intestine first.

W – What’s the point of carrying a gun if you can just rip people’s guts out and kill them?
Cl – I don’t carry a gun

Jh to W – You expect to be able to hide?


W – Yep, you’ve officially sealed my doom. Literally

D – mental note – holding your hands up to shield yourself from divine light doesn’t work.

Jh – If I wasn’t duck taped to his butt, I would have died.

Jh – Panda Attack!

W – I’m going to kill you in your sleep
S – You wait till he’s asleep?
W – Yeah, its more fun to stand over him cackling.

S – Save me Obi-One, your my only hope.

Jazz Hands

Jer – You have a digestive system, don’t look at me like that.

Jer – She gives me ice things to eat, which I can’t but they smell nice . . . I assume

Arrows of Returning – Bad Idea

S – What the hell?
Jer – Divinity smite you!

St – Parlay?

Jh – That’s oddly demonic for me.

St – Drow soul – tastes like burnt toast

St – I flip off the drow and run away.

Jer – I’m sorry, I hit you Wheaton
W – You did?
Jer – Yep – Thunk

Wheaton breaks the game and gets a hearth stone

Jer – My nuts! And bolt.

Cl – I will attempt to throw the boulder
S – Because that is awesome.
W – Because that puts St in peril

W – Anything about death, destruction, I’m going to keep to myself.

D – (uses vicious mockery on the ethereal presence)

St – Whatever helps you whittle at night.

W – Nothing personal, its just personal.

Jer – I married you people, I don’t want to hear about hellos
St – Shut your mouth you british construct


W – Go Go consecration
St – For the love of god, shut up.

W – I’m going to be a complete cock
S – and this is new how?

S – and now we can skip down the hall

L – So Sam is like no, Claire is like wee, Steve is like I’m running on the ceiling.

Jh – I pick the fey circle

Jer – Not having internal organs has its advantages.

St – Cannon dwarf.

Cl – Scratch one dwarf
S – Don’t worry, I got a spare

Jh – She reaches into her pack and pulls out . . . a banana.

Cl – Oh my God, its gross down here. There’s bugs and there are probably bug eggs. Icky!

Jer – Bladed cannonball of smite

Cl – Ah, Ah, it’s trying to eat me!
L – That never works.

L – he cut deep into its hiney spiny parts.

St – Freefalling! Talk about bringing down the house.

Jh – Can i pull my fat flaps out and glide?
S – Like a flying squirrel?

Jer and S – *singing the portal song – cake is so delicious and moist

Jh – I start climbing up Jer’s back
S – Like a slightly more mobile Jaba the Hut
St – Bring me Solo and a cookie.

St – ( -52 hide) I’ve never felt this vulnerable

W – feeds the bard to the dragon

L – You can’t kill him, you good!
W – I’ll bless him first

L – the fat dwarf speaks high and mighty words
S – it’s the only thing high and mighty about him.

W – We hold this line until we run out of spells, then we run away, then we come back tomorrow and we hold this line again

St – We ask questions, we just fear the answer.

Jer – No one said I wasn’t completely senile

W – To be fair, he’s an elf.
St – I’m an elf, everybody hates me.


S – I have yet to thank you for that
Jer – No knives, I mean thanks are necessary

S – Aiden is in this game
Jer – He’s not here though.
S – Or is he?
(rest of the table) – Dum dum dum!

Cl – insert pounce here
Jer – And a flip of the wrist

Cl – reassure the poor kobold so he doesn’t die sad.

L – Thats stupid. Not suicidal, I’m ok with that. It’s stupid.
St – Are you sure it not stupidly suicidal?

Jer – He’s turning blue! Wait, he is blue!

L – I can breath underwater
Jer – Then why did you take a reed?

St – aquatic sweat drop.

Kenpachi becomes a plush doll

Jer – He’s gonna lead me to my death one of these days

Maps – Someone needs to read them / NO one ever does / Where’s the ranger? / Barbarians are good enough

Cl – Was that a dryad? oops
Jer – I wondered why it screamed.

L – oh he just impaled that guy. well done. want a gingersnap?
St – I charge
L – I chuck the gingersnap at the back of his head.
Jer – I’m not done yet!

Cl – to my growling sword – rise and shine sweetheart, time to paint them red.

entire table shares sweat drop

D – But he misses
S – I know how you feel.

St – I feel your pain.
S – Now feel mine!

S – I don’t know if this will do any good, but I think it will look cool so I’ll do it anyway.

Cl – I stand over him to inspire him with my metal panties.
Jer – It really does go all the way up.
St – I can’t top that.

Jer – *crack Why didn’t it fallow through? Ah, it’s stuck in my face!

Cl – Apparently I have a fluffy bunny of evil on my shoulder.

St – It hurts when I breakup with someone.
Loopy can’t even get himself together long enough to get with someone

St – Come on guys, lets fight for justise and . . . never mind. Somebody same my soul and not the raven queen.

Oh hand of Baen! Come out and Play!

S – I think we should kill him.
St – I can’t, its against my moral code.
S – Fine (slices head off goblin thing)

St – In draconic, primordial, elven . . . do not enter.
S – In goblin, come right in
Cl – cookies
L – free pie

St – May I cut in?
L – you can cut him

D – ah! oh hey, that’s you bleeding.
Jer – yeah, and thats you bleeding.

Jer – 15 dmg to #3, and he’s at -2 . . . unless he’s dead

L – you could have just cut him in half
Jer – I didn’t even want half of them to run to run away.


Jer – Some of us were trying to be subtle and hide the body, and others of us were piking body parts and smearing blood on the walls in the symbol of the Dark Queen!
L – It wasn’t me!
Jer – you laughed and encouraged her!

W – Why did I do that?
L – You weren’t here to say no.

J – I way tuck and roll grandpa, push him off, and run away.

St – Everon’s Funniest home videos

Jer – Thanks for bringing down the group CR
W – Glad I could help.

St – I’m a dragonborn, not an elf
S – Your a pouncy dragonborn, same thing

D – You guys kind of look like pincushions.
S – This was a bad idea, you guys shouldn’t have done this.
D – (chokes)

St – no kills, just ridicules.

Jh – He’s my bat from afar.

S (as W) – Your not my God. Who have I been worshiping?

W – I an never healing any of you Fuckers! ever again!

W – This the fun V over here.
S – Isn’t that the one that got blown up?

L – I have low light
Jer – You do?
L – Glowy light anyway
Jer – Your hair on fire doesn’t count.

Steve trips – Ninja Fail!

D – your an ass.
L – But i pay well.

L – I’m waiting to see if he dies.

D – . . . the perfectly preserved body of a halfling bobs up.
S – ultimate marinade
Jer – Looks like its turned a bit.
L – you want him?
Jer – you ever ate a halfling? Yuck

L – If he dies I don’t have to pay him.

L – Is it OK if I burn you nearly alive?

Jh – I love a class that penalizes you when you suck.

L – We douse them in alcohol and a halfling.

D (as Chris) I swear to God, every God that will fucking listen, I will light your fucking heart on fucking fire!

St – Whack a mole gone wrong.

S – I have a big head.
S – No comment
St – Sigh
S – I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.
St – No comment.

St – I can’t move things with my mind.
S – I miss those days.

Jh – I want the ‘hand’ of Baen. Preferably the head, but the hand works.

Jh – I just nat 1ed. Everybody dies.

Cl – I have a spke in my chest, but I’m fine.

S – Kenpachi!!!!
L – Wasn’t me!

Jh – Always knew he was a flamer . . . tries to hide it, but he fails.

W – You die this time, you’re done. You’re cute, but enough is enough.

Jer – He is unconscious at the bottom of a spiky pit that is filling up with oil and fire!

W and Jer – Om nom nom. delicious death.

St – I’m going to worm my way down.
W – Your a dragonborn!

S – I swear to the Raven Queen, when I get out of here, I’m going to send whoever sent me down here to her!
L – I have dead people
S – Eat their hearts!
L – (mumbles) they taste funny

St – Can we disembark from this train of thought? W – Negative ghostrider
S – It’s like a trainwreck.

S – Where’s something I can kill?
St – (points)


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