South Dakota

Okay, so here we are going to try out something and hopefully it works. We all remember DotWebs… good this is going to be just like that.

Here is an example of how to post.

Brandon (Micheal “Icarus”) Then whatever you are going to post.

Please also leave your post open ended if someone could react to what you are doing.
And remember – Have Fun!

Samantha (Jennifer “Bones”) Hey lookit! I posted something!

Steve (Marcus Williams): (OOC) How will we know when someone is editing? We had a chatbox last time so that we could tell people when we are editing… that no one over-rides the other? What about our old .webs based sites…..Oh snap…..Claire and Sam’s stories are completely gone from the entries listings. Good thing I made massive backups before this all went down. I did some digging and it seems we still have this resource.

This is where we once had our Mage based game. It might be easier to use this over a site where we can’t chat with one another. Brandon? What say you?

To Vash – The webs dont work anymore so its a no go but i would love to see the Archieves!
Okay guys Clik didnt give me GM privledges so i just started a new Campaign no big deal.
just use the South Dakota Campaign that has invited you, Thanks ~Havoc

South Dakota

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