The Turathi highborn Warlock Baramos built his fortress Stronghold in the last days of Nerath. The implosion of Nerath’s infrastructure brought an influx of refugees, and Baramos carefully selected those he’d allow to stay under his aegis. Those who attained citizenship were only allowed to stay so long as they remained useful.

127 years after Nerath’s final days, Baramos, called Majesty, still rules in Stronghold, and those same rules apply. A walled fortress city protected by mercenaries and its own standing army, with longstanding traditions magical, martial and mercantile.

Citizens jealously guard their rights as such, treating noncitizens quite poorly within the borders of Stronghold. Noncitizens simply have no rights within Stronghold, though they may petition to become citizens; primarily by offering their service to Stronghold. Those who serve well may eventually be granted Citizenship.

Citizenship is granted to the children of Citizens, but may be revoked if the child cannot or will not serve.

Those who can no longer remain of service to the community are forcibly removed. Often, those too old or infirm to serve in another way swear a special pact, gaining powers from the same Archdevil Majesty gains his powers from. The wording of this pact, known as the Stronghold Oath, is heavily guarded, but are sought after in the magical community: Majesty’s patron grants vast powers to those who swear using the words Majesty gives his Warlocks.


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