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The Prime Material Plane, often called The First Work, The Prime or merely The World, is the primary reflection of creation, one of balance. Where the Astral Sea is placid and the Elemental Chaos ever riotous, the World is ordered, with an ever-continuing flow of change and growth. Where the Feywild is magical, bright and overgrown with life and the Shadowfell is dark, a place of the dead, the World is filled with life and magic and light, and an equal measure of death and night.

Most sages keep the months on a Lunar Calender; 28 days to a month, 13 months to the year, 264 days to the year. Many people in the world keep the years from the most recent major world event, the fall of Nerath, with the current year being 127 Years Since Nerath.

Common people keep the days based on phases of the moon; the New Moon, the Waxing Half Moon, the Full Moon, and the Waning Half Moon. The six days between are marked “Day After the Moon”, such as “Third Day After the Waning Moon”.

Important Locations and Information:

Westhaven – An enormous city, remnant of Nerath also known as Khamosal, long ruled by a dynasty of human lords, currently King Jahrimiah Highfellow. While the king is xenophobic about those he allows in the noble class, he is diplomatically more pragmatic; many races call Westhaven home, spliting the city into many districts.

Farmtown – The imaginatively named Farmtown is just that, a town that mostly farms. They work one of the largest swaths of farmland in creation and are quite good at what they do, bringing comfort to the farmers and their families and huge wealth to the Lord Mayor Duke Albert Tarington and King Jahrimiah Highfellow.

Svaro – A village sustained by trade, nestled on a old Nerath road, governed by Lord Mayor Delvan.

Onelideshiron – An Elven settlement hidden in the Deep Wood, ruled by the Elder Council. Its mirror in the Feywild is Daisherial, a magical Eladrin city surrounded by an ever-encroaching elderwood. Its Shadowfell side is the Shadowsworn City, a dark, sprawling reminder of Elven former glories ruled by the dead and surrounded by a vast, bleak stone desert.

Stronghold – An estate ruled by the Turathi highborn Infernal Pact Warlock known as Baramos or Majesty, the fortress known as Stronghold is a city and kingdom unto itself, unafraid to hire mercenaries of other races to defend its borders through deep coffers or the promise of citizenship.

Whitestone Hall – At the foot of the Ahelzar mountains rests a great hall, currently held by Dwarven King Sibur Mountainmaker. Other major clans include Stonehammer, Orecutter, Foeender and Minerunner. Dwarves and Goliaths live in Whitestone Hall and the hills around it.

Chenna – A Halfling settlement in the swamps along the river south of Westhaven.

Fort Aeita – Fort Aeita was a well built keep, stone and mortar, placed overlooking a verdant valley. Currently, Gnolls hold the Fort and control the valley.


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